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Chef’s Table

"Chef's Table" is a widely used restaurant marketing term, but at PopCultivate, we do not take the term lightly. This dinner event is to show case our chef's innovations and experimental dishes. This is where we test new flavors profiles (yuzu-miso-spicy mustard), new techniques (spherification, foams, and powders), and new culinary concepts.

**To preserve the menu integrity by the chef, we politely decline all requests for alternatives and substitutes.

**All events are 21+ events

Optional Cannabis Infusion:

All food is made WITHOUT cannabis. Our chefs focus on their style of food and make the food the way its suppose to be made, with the taste as its suppose to taste. 

During the dinner, our chefs will dose the food as the last step of the plating process. This way, you are free to opt-in or out of CANNABIS INFUSION throughout the night as you please. 


Reservations available